STORYBOOK (Digital Series, 6 Episodes)

Writer & Creative Director

A storybook music video series, with each episode focusing on a different core human emotion and universally relatable theme. With over 2.5 billion YouTube views, the series has helped build Marshmello’s YouTube presence to over 22 million subscribers in under 2 years. The series also received a ‘Gold’ American Advertising Award in 2017 for the storyline and concept behind ‘Alone’.

EPISODE 1: ‘Alone’ (teenage bullying)

EPISODE 2: ‘Summer’ (first love)

EPISODE 3: ‘Moving On’ (new beginnings)

EPISODE 4: ‘Find Me’ (peer pressure)

EPISODE 5: ‘Blocks’ (finding your passion)

EPISODE 6: ‘Take It Back’ (acceptance)